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Astro Healing

This session combines energy healing with evolutionary astrology. Based on the birth chart - or the map of your soul that contains your unique astrological coordinates - aims at activating your design, healing whatever your soul is ready to release now, and igniting new neuronal pathways


The chart shows the exact position of the planets in the celestial vault at the moment you took your first breath: imagine that a photo is taken that immortalizes the entire zodiac at the moment of your birth - a single shot that tells everything about you!


In fact, amongst precise mathematical calculations and the geometric relationships that the planets form between each other in the sky, there is a real map that your soul drew before incarnating on earth.


Nothing you have experienced is in fact a coincidence but it is part of a design: each experience has a very specific purpose in your evolutionary path as a soul embodied in a physical body


This session helps you find PEACE, accept yourself & activate your highest potential!

Not only:

RE-learning about yourself and understanding your psychological needs in every area of ​​life

Be aware of your needs in love and choose the right partner for you

Know your elements and balance them: take advantage of strengths, file excesses and compensate for shortcomings Understand the difficult experiences in your life and integrate the lessons to move forward by making new and more mature choices

Be aware of your natural talents and how to express them

Choose study, work, and life experiences where you can express the best of you, grow and offer your skills to the world Healing your deep wounds and being able to offer your medicine to others

Activate your gifts


You will find that there is nothing wrong with you and that what you have perceived as flaws and quirks are actually divine gifts, that your insecurities hide the mastery that is already yours and that your passions are the key to access those talents that you have cultivated for so many lifetimes and they come so natural to you that you hardly pay attention to them!


Sessions take place via Zoom and are recorded so you can listen to them whenever you need them. In these 60 minutes you have the opportunity to participate and ask questions. The space I prepare for you is sacred, protected, and offers the conditions for release, healing, connection with your Self and the activation of new timelines aligned with your highest good. Bound When you book you will have to provide your details: date and place of birth and exact time (if you do not know it you can retrieve it from the birth certificate through the registry office of your municipality or look for it in the childhood diaries if you have one)

Reading your Soul

Intuition, Evolutionary & Psychological Astrology

evolutionary Astrology & Energy healing

We think we know ourselves completely ... but I have met aspects of myself that I completely ignored ... like getting to know a new and deeper version of meyself, more beautiful, more sensitive, perhaps even more vulnerable. I now face everything with such awareness that I can finally accept every part of myself.

Francesca Mattana

I finally came to understand why the period of time around my birthday has always caused me some anxiety ... the report is helping me to better understand what I am experiencing and to make sense of it. I feel much more tranquility and peace in dealing with everything.

Giovanna Suppa

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